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Weight (each Quantity): 500 Grams

Kajjikayalu (Karanji / Karchikkai) is yet another popular traditional sweet dish in Andhra households during Telugu festivals like navrathri and Ganesha Pooja. Kajjikayalu is prepared by rolling out small balls of all purpose flour dough into thin puris and filled with a mixture of dry coconut, sugar, semolina and cardamom powder and deep fried. Kajjikaya has a light, crisp exterior and as you bite into this crescent shaped sweet, its crunchy texture with the subtle sweet flavor of dried coconut and sugar laced with a tinge of cardamom, stretches into every bite, leaving you very satisfied and craving for more. Kajjikayalu can be eaten anytime of the day and makes a great tea time snack or an after lunch/dinner dessert.